Monday, December 26, 2011


For those of you who still read Downtown Browntown--there were 250 hits yesterday, 180 hits so far today--Brownsville Blues should be your new destination. It is available at www.brownsvilleblues. For those of you who miss posting on the comments section, Brownsville Blues will fill that void in your lives. Life has not been the same since the fall of El Rocinante. It's like a long marriage that has ended in divorce and one settles on temporary relationships in the pursuit of something more permanent. We can't predict if Brownsville Blues will be the new spouse or not, but it is a relationship with potential. Downtown Browntown, which replaced Brownsville Literary Review, will come to an end at the beginning of the year. It served its purpose as a transitional blog, but its use has come to an end. Brownsville Blues will be in the literary style of Downtown Browntown. A broader coverage of Brownsville--without abandoning downtown--will be the difference as well as the addition of the comments section. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the sudden death of El Rocinante hasn't been easy on us and endeavoring to find a suitable replacement hasn't been easy either. The bottom line is that Downtown Browntown is fast becoming a part of the past. Brownsville Blues is the future.